January 21, 2019

Penny + Steve Wedding

“We’re getting married at the zoo” was the first thing Penny said to me when I met her and her partner Steve at a small wedding expo. The next day I had a email from Penny and we began planning for the big day.

The wedding was held at Werribee Open Range Zoo, it was a pleasantly warm Saturday, all of Penny and Steves family and friends had arrived and were quietly waiting out front of the gorilla enclosure for Penny to make her entrance, Penny was walked down the isle by her father and together with her family and friends (and a few curious gorillas) Penny and Steve were pronounced husband and wife.

The Zoo had organised a special surprise for the newly weds and after the ceremony they were whisked away in a safari bus to see the giraffes up close and personal. Penny and Steve along with their children were all so exited. The keepers got some fresh green leafs ready and the magnificent giraffes soon appeared. The giraffes were suspicious at first but it wasn’t to long before one giraffe lent in for a kiss.

Penny and Steves wedding was a true celebration of their love and commitment to one another, their day was full of big belly laughs, filled with happiness, together with their family and friends they created memories and experiences that will be cherished.

I was fortunate to be part of their beautiful wedding and photograph all the wonderful moments.

Wedding Photography – Philip Cerbu


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