May 19, 2018

Tab + Tim Pre-Wedding

I remember mentioning to Tab and Tim that it would be good to catch up before the wedding, a cup of coffee or even go for a pre wedding shoot. They jumped at the idea of a pre wedding shoot and we started scouting for locations.

Tab sent me a message that read “Cactus Country” I promptly googled it and there it was, a beautiful cactus garden, located in Strathmerton a 3 hour drive out from Melbourne towards the border with New South Wales.

We agreed it would be worth the long drive, so the next weekend I knocked of their door at 7am armed with take away coffees and we hit the road. Talk about getting to know your photographer… we spent the 3 hour drive chatting and singing along to my collection of early 90s classics and by the time we arrived we were no longer strangers.

We met the owner of the property and she mentioned that her and her husband had started planting cacti in the backyard 30 years ago, slowly propagating the different species gradually turning their backyard into a beautiful prickly garden, complete with its own little Mexican themed restaurant.

We spent the afternoon together walking around the garden, Tab and Tim walking hand in hand enjoying the golden afternoon sun, as I would duck and weave through the tangle of cacti happily snapping away. It really was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon and we all bought ourselves a small cactus from the nursery before we got back in the car and made our way back home.

Tab and Tim were a beautiful adventurous couple and I always remember the time spent together when I water the little cacti that grows on my window sill.


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