May 19, 2018

Tab + Tim Wedding

What a day. What a couple. It was an absolute pleasure meeting Tab and Tim again, this time on their wedding day. I arrived at the Blackman Hotel on St Kilda Rd to find Tab and her bridesmaids full of excitement in the hotel lobby, after a restless night filled with anticipation they were all at the café ordering coffee when I appeared. It was wonderful to see Tab again, we had met a month earlier when together with her partner Tim we organised a pre wedding shoot, (see previous post). We greeted each other with a big smile and a hug we felt like a couple of old friends, happy to see each other again.

We all chatted a little in the lobby and the weather seemed to be on everyone’s lips. Melbourne in notorious for its unpredictable weather and had it been any other day we would have just packed some sun screen along with an umbrella and carry on through whatever the weather decided to do, but today was not an ordinary day. Tab was going to walk down the isle to marry the person she loves, Tim.

The ceremony and the reception was to be held a couple of hundred meters down St Kilda Rd at The Willows. Outside in the beautiful courtyard surrounded by family and friends, bathed in sunshine… well that was what we were all hoping for. It was a cloudy morning but the forecast predicted, strong winds and heavy rain, expected to arrive just as she would walk down the isle. All we could do was hope for the best and get ready to enjoy the day, regardless of the weather.

The rain and wind never arrived, Tab was met with sunshine as she walked down the isle led by her handsome son Dominic. There in the small courtyard surrounded by family and friends Tab and Tim held each other as they promised to stand together, honoring the love they share by spending the rest of their lives together.

I am always honoured to witness and celebrate these special moments and I have continued to keep in touch with Tab, Tim and Dominic and their now extended family, Tims cat Phoebe, Tabs cat Penny and their dog Frank.




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